Press Release - Ny direktdigital mobil röntgenutrustning FDR GO

Fujifilm continues to grow its family of DR MobilesFDr_Go_1.png

All systems utilizing full line-up of D-EVO Series
At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2013 which is held from 7 to 11 March in Vienna, Austria, FUJIFILM Europe is showing the latest addition to its family of digital portable solutions, the FDR Go* which represents the latest evolution of the company’s digital portable portfolio.

Fujifilm’s original FCR Go was noted for outstanding images, improved efficiency and high usability. With the new FDR Go the company offers the speed, image quality and dose benefits of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO detectors. It also features enhanced portable features including a compact size that nicely maneuvers in tight spaces, a quiet, smooth drive system, Smart Switch automated menu mapping of generator techniques, tube head inching controls and more.

The system also provides all advanced Fujifilm DR features such as Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) and Dynamic Visualization. ISS senses x-rays at the top detector layer, minimizing light spread (blur) and capturing sharper signals. Dynamic Visualization clarifies images for higher visibility detail and enables wider range of window and leveling throughout the entire image.

“We know that portable imaging is a very fast-paced and demanding market. A portable system that can consistently capture high-quality images quickly, comfortably and efficiently is an absolute necessity, but that’s what we have always expected and it’s why we continue to innovate and evolve our product line-up.,” says Hidetoshi Izawa, Marketing Manager, Medical Systems Division of FUJIFILM Europe. “Our innovations continue to build diagnostic confidence and improved patient care.”

FDR D-EVO Family of Flat Panel Detectors
At ECR 2013, also the latest additions to the D-EVO family of flat panel detectors will be presented. By providing a complete line-up of its lightweight cassette detectors, adding several panel sizes, the world leader in digital x-ray can provide imaging facilities with even greater ease of positioning as well as enhanced flexibility for use in a wider variety of imaging applications. As highlight can be seen the panel sharing concept which allows an integration of D-Evo flat panels in a very wide range of product segments and also even to various suppliers.

Overview on the FDR D-EVO flat panel series:

  • FDR D-EVO (CsI): The wireless FDR D-EVO C35i combines the best of Fujifilm’s image quality with exceptional dose efficiency.
  • FDR D-EVO G35i: This wireless version of the FDR D-EVO series is available in standard 35x43 cm size and fits to everyone’s budget.
  • FDR D-EVO G43i: This wireless versions of the FDR D-EVO series is available in the practical 43x43 cm size.
  • FDR D-EVO C24i: This is the latest addition to the D-EVO line-up. It combines the best of Fujifilm’s image quality with exceptional dose efficiency by utilizing ISS technology combined with CsI detector material in a remarkable small size version of 24x30cm.

The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 210.

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