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Fujifilm highlights Synapse Solutions at ECR 2013

Expanding clinical value to customers with Synapse as a core platform
Attendees of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which will be held from 7 to 11 March in Vienna, Austria, will see firsthand the benefits of several new Synapse solutions from FUJIFILM Europe. FUJIFILM provides wider solutions for clinical, workflow and reporting improvements with advanced applications.

Synapse ERm: Communication tool for acute stroke and emergency cases
Fujifilm offers an expanding portfolio to enable the display of medical images on various devices. SYNAPSE ERm is a specialized mobile application for emergency treatment. It supports smooth communication for acute stroke or other emergency cases by linking the clinical images and data on mobile devices.

With this, specialists outside of a hospital are able to support emergency diagnosis and treatment. The system also has an ‘Emergency Call’ function which notifies the specialist about urgent cases on their registered mobile devices and offers a ‘Timeline Display’ which is used to capture the communications and findings between users of the application in the form of secure tweets. At ECR 2013 Synapse ERm is presented as a work-in-progress product.

Synapse 3D: Advanced visualization for Radiology, Cardiology and Surgeon
Synapse 3D is the next generation of Fujifilm’s comprehensive suite of 29 clinical advanced visualization applications. The system provides clinical value through accuracy, efficient and robust image processing and fast and secure web-based client accessibility.

Synapse 3D incorporates Fujifilm’s 30 + year history of image visualization, such as Fujifilm's award-winning proprietary "Image Intelligence" These algorithms provide benefits such as precise centerline segmentation, accurate registration and streamlined
image analysis.

“With more than 500 facilities around the world, Synapse 3D has seen widespread adoption at hospitals and practices across Europe,” says Mitsunori Suzuki, Assistant Manager of the Medical Systems Division, FUJIFILM Europe. “Synapse 3D is popular not only among Radiology and Cardiology departments as a 3D workstation, but also used by surgeons as pre-operational simulation tool".

Synapse Mobility: Next generation Zero-Footprint mobile application
Synapse Mobility is a zero-footprint mobile application that enables remote access to imaging from the entire suite of Synapse products from Apple iOS and Android OS mobile devices, as well as Macintosh- or Windows-based PCs. It is approved for all diagnostic use except Mammography on iOS and Android mobile device.

One of Synapse Mobility’s features is “Collaboration” which aides in consultations during clinical situations allowing secure real-time communication and screen sharing between Radiologist, referring clinicians and even patients, using any web browser. It displays interactive three-dimensional diagnostic images, provides advanced viewing capabilities, including zoom, window and level. "This helps communication among doctors and physicians in a hospital, and hospitals in a region by displaying the same diagnostic quality images simultaneously", says Mitsunori Suzuki.

Synapse Teaching Files: Virtual archive for scientific and clinical purposes
With the spread of RIS-PACS for the management of radiology workflow and digital images, increasing amounts of data are handled with high information content. In the past, it was a time consuming process to search this data. With Synapse Teaching Files, Fujifilm provides simplified access with consistent display capabilities to radiologists, referring doctors and residents.

Synapse Teaching Files is a web application for managing large amounts of information, allowing the searching, consultation and sharing of diagnostic studies, searched by free text within the study data stored on the Synapse PACS system. Radiologists and other users are able to see key-images and the respective reports immediately after searching the database. They can create their own teaching archive associating each selected study with keywords and short notes, and they can share files with other teaching colleagues among the users of the system. Synapse Teaching Files also provides a teaching mechanism and can be used for comparison and differential diagnosis, further raising the level of report accuracy.

Synapse Wave: Web access for images and reports
Synapse Wave is a non-diagnostic browser independent web access product that allows access to images and reports from doctor’s offices and even the patients home. With discrete role assignment, the system provides secure access to images and reports by the requesting physicians and patients. The system offers the basic image manipulation functionalities, such as Window-Level changes, Zoom and Pan, also linking of series for comparative scrolling.

Synapse Wave introduces a mechanism for patients to directly access their images and reports and share them with other doctors who may not have access to the hospital network or other PACS system.

In the past, the patient had to request and keep a CD. Now, they don't need the CD and can easily and securely access their studies over the web. This also eliminates the burden on the hospital staff to create patient CDs and rely on the patient to bring these to their next appointment. With Synapse Wave, providers don't need to wait for the CD and the cost of maintaining a CD burning solution is reduced at the same time.

The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 210.

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